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Small Business Services

Corporate Formation and Maintenance

Assistance with forming a business entity and understanding the differences between types of entities and guide clients on where to incorporate, how to incorporate, and the right entity to choose, taking into account the specifics of their life, business, growth plan, and their future exit plan.

Employee and Contractor Agreements

Assistance with minimizing risks and protecting a business owner's property by ensuring they have the proper documents in place for working with employees and contractors. 

Contract Review, Creation, and Negotiation

Advise business owners on ways they can get deals done quickly while streamlining their contract process.

Online Website Terms

Counsel business owners on how to avoid any compliance problems and being a red flag to government agencies.

Advertising Issues

Assist business owners with compliance procedures they should be using for advertising, text and voice broadcasting, commercial electronic messages, and other communications by telephone or email to be in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Federal Trademark Registration

Leverage our 4-step process to research name availability and advise business owners on when to mark their trademarks with the ™ vs circle R designation. 

Federal Copyright Registration

Filing of federal copyright registrations for a business' most important work products and intellectual property

Handling Trademarks & Copyright Infringements

Assist business owners with monitoring and managing trademark and copyright infringement and provide counsel on what to do when it looks like their content, brand names, or ideas have been ripped off.

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